List of Tags in Inspector Tag window

Why are tags truncated in the Inspector Tags window?

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Task Tags Window in Inspector

Because you already have the “High” tag. When there are several of them, you are shown the way.

I think I understand your explanation
If I add the 3rd tag in this tag group, I get this in the Inspector Tag window!

The Low and High tags already exist (there are several tags with this name). The Med tag is the only with this name out of all your tags.

Ok I get it now, thanks.
you say “already exist” but where?
I don’t see them in my tags perspective.
Are there other tags like Low and High that don’t appear in the tags perspective?

Switch to the Tags perspectives then click the View button in the toolbar and select All. You may have tags that you’ve “dropped”, but are still in your OmniFocus database.

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