List of tasks assigned to a resource

I’m currently managing a multi-party merger. I have a plan that has resources from multiple organisations assigned to tasks. I don’t have access to the servers / calendars of several of them so I can’t put tasks onto the calendars of many of the people involved. However they would like a regularly updated list of the tasks assigned to them so they can track internally. Anybody know a way to get this info out in a repeatable way?

@pixie You could set up Export Publishing actions that are filtered to only export tasks assigned to a specific resource, and then share the exported files with the other people involved. Export actions can be configured to export to a variety of file types, and any active actions will run automatically each time you Publish your project.

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Thanks Ains. A bit laborious to set up first time, but that worked. That leads me to another question about filters but I’ll raise that separately so this one can be resolved.