LIst Projects in Alphabetical Order

Does anybody know if there is a way to list projects in Alphabetical order? This would speed up the process when I want to just look at one project without having to read through a long list…

You can alphabetize selected projects with Organize>Sort Once>By Name. If you don’t want to keep them sorted that way you can always use ⌘Z to undo the sort.


I’d actually like the option to have the projects in specific folders sorted “always” instead of having to sort “once” periodically.

Thanks for the help. However, When I tried this option it worked up to selecting sort. After that, the options were greyed out. Can’t figure out how to make them available.

Any ideas?

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Do you have at least two projects selected?

No, I didn’t. When I did, that fixed the issue. Thanks

It’s a little inelegant if you don’t own a MAC computer (Win computer, alas, but iphone and ipad).

However, the workaround I found was to create a perspective with the Projects sorted by name. That way, you can click on that perspective on the web or in IOS and it works. Maybe they will add it to the next version?