Listing actions in tag

Im not able to order the actions inside contest/tag. I tried al visualization options but nothing. There is no date priority I need to see urgent actions before because in this way it’s a messy for me. For example in tag “telephone” I have listed all the actions but not by date and then I see actions even if I have to do them 2 months later, I nees to see them by date like in omnifocus 2
I try to attach a pic

Group and sort: Individual actions; Sort actions by: Due?

This is what a custom perspective is for. It allows you to add a custom filter (the tag), and specify group and sort orders. Tags alone can’t do that.

Thanks for clarifying, Rosemary. I took for granted that we already were in custom perspectives, but I was probably wrong.

Thanks rosemary
I think this is a downgrade. In OF2 when you tap on tag telephone for example you could see all the stuff to do on telephone sorted by time: before calls to do in order by time it was so useful

I just reinstalled OF2 to check, and it doesn’t do that. I think you’re thinking of a custom perspective.

I’ m sure in of2 you could do that in fact there are other persons have asked that in this forum. But anyway I created a perspective.
Another downgrade with new version is you can’t see the calendar integration in the today perspective when you use the light skin. Look at the photo it’s to light to see it.

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