Live search while adding new tasks

Often times I find myself thinking of a task that I want to get out of my brain and into Omnifocus… so I add it (usually with the quick add method) and forget about it until next review.

The problem is that later I find multiple tasks that are the same thing, sometimes even categorized differently so it’s hard to spot.

I’d love to see a live search, as I type in the new task, so that I can scan the list and identify if I already entered the task. If I see a task in the search list, I’d like to be able to click that and be able to edit it.

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I don’t know how feasible something like this would be, but I think it’s a great idea! I’ve submitted it as a feature request to our development database for the rest of the team to see and ponder. Thanks for the suggestion!

If anyone else happens upon this thread and would like to cast their vote in favor of such a feature, please send an email to referencing the URL for this forum post (that’s the best way to ensure that your thoughts get where they need to go 😊).

Thanks again!