Living in Forecast View in OmniFocus 2.1

Perhaps I’m using OmniFocus incorrectly but I tend to live in the Forecast view so that I can immediately see all of the tasks that I need to complete today. I group my OmniFocus Projects into folders which at the top level might be things like Work or Home and when I’m at work I focus (in the OmniFocus sense) on my Work folder which restricts the visibility of tasks in my forecast view to just tasks in Work projects. Similarly, when at home I focus on my Home folder for the same reason.

I notice that in the new OmniFocus 2.1 release the ability to create a new task in Forecast view when focused on more than one Project (or when focused on a folder which contains projects) has been removed, leading me to wonder whether the way that I use OmniFocus is in some way wrong.

I can’t use Contexts to achieve this or Perspectives because they don’t display tasks grouped by date in the way that the Forecast view does and they don’t allow me to drag tasks around from day to day or week to week.

I hope that this is a temporary glitch rather than an intentional change but I’m left wondering.

Practice using the Quick Entry feature which you can set up with a keyboard shortcut. If you enter in a new task and give it a due date and a project that is within your current Focus view, then it will show up immediately.

Thank you TheWart. I understand that this is a workaround that would allow me to create a task, but it is less convenient than being able to enter it directly in the normal way. Nevertheless, you are correct in that I would be able to continue working as before by doing this. [Although I can’t try it out because I downgraded in the hope that the restriction gets removed]

It does seem like a bit of an inconsistency though, doesn’t it - that if I focus on just one project then I can enter tasks in the way that we always could, but if I focus on two projects, or on a folder containing projects, then the ‘New Action’ option is greyed out and the ability to just hit enter to create a new blank task goes away. Somewhat strange UI behaviour.

I understand your question and can only suggest you get the real answer by emailing Omni from within the app. Good luck!