Location based on beacon

I have several https://estimote.com beacons in my house and shop. I’ve mostly been experimenting with them for some home automation tasks, but as I’ve been spending more time in OF trying to really get GTD integrated into my life (or the other way around) I was thinking these could be really handy for location based contexts in OF. A crude example:
My shop is about 200’ away from my house. I can’t seem to reliably get current location functionality to tell the difference between the house and shop (maybe there is a better way I could be doing this) but it would be nice to get a notification when I am getting into the shop for tasks in there I need to remember to do from last time - make sure the dust collector is empty, take out the trash, etc - or things I needed in the house and was going to remember to get next time I was in the shop.

I had asked about being to specify a smaller distance for the tag-based location alerts. The development team explained that they had run tests and the proximity detection on the lowest setting is about as precise as iOS APIs will provide. The iOS Reminders app also has location-based alerts; I suggest you experiment with those and I expect you will get similar results.

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