Location-based reminders are way too unwieldy

I have a problem with location-based reminders in that they’re way too simple and unwieldy. I still need to use Checkmark for these. For one thing, each location has the option for arriving or leaving in there, where in OF that has to be two separate contexts. In Checkmark you have the option for various time delays when setting a reminder. So I want the event triggered 15 minutes after arriving. I’d love to see more options for these in OF.


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I’ve been thinking about this again, and Ken is right, Checkmark 2 is still the best app for location-based reminders. For example, in Checkbox, I have a reminder to read a book 5 minutes after I arrive at my favourite coffee shop. I need the 5 minutes to order my coffee and sit down, and need the reminder to do something other than look at my phone.

I tried adding a location context for the office, and it needs to have the delay. As soon as I enter the geofence, it sends me a notification, but I haven’t actually arrived at the office yet and settled in. I need OmniFocus for iOS to pull up my Office context 10 minutes after I arrive, not while I’m outside the office just walking in.

(OmniFocus for Mac doesn’t have the concept of locations, but I imagine with ControlPlane one could write an AppleScript that switches OmniFocus to the Office context when one connects to the office wifi.)