Location based reminders not working


After upgrading to Omnifocus 3 on my iPhone I added a location based tag for my home address with the largest radius and on arrival. I added the tag to a test task which didn’t pop up even once. Notifications are activated.


I understand: You added the task in OF.
And used a location tag in OF. And gave OF the ok to notify you.
Works fine with me.

Check that OF may access your location in settings / privacy / location services.


It may access my location “when in use”. Interestingly enough, “always” is not available which is selected for other and working geofencing apps.


And the test action is actionable - e.g. no flag that‘s paused?
If so, I haven‘t any clue, sorry. For me, it works.

Doesn’t work for me either! I emailed the support a week ago but I haven’t heard back yet. Let me know if you get it to work. Hopefully I will hear back from support soon.

Have you check that location-based alerts are activated?

I have and conducted a fresh test after activating location-based alerts (assuming it’s “Ortsabhängige Hinweise” in German). Still no notification.

@all: Do the location services settings for OmniFocus offer “always” or only “when in use”?

That’s the right setting and yes, I also only have those two choices, but it does work for me.

Yeah, I have location-based alerts activated & I also checked whether the location notifications work for apple reminders: they DO, so the problem must be with OmniFocus.

I had a similar issue. I think setting a new location brought up the popup in OmniFocus to allow location tracking. Have you tried adding a new location?

I have and I’m still a bit concerned I paid a significant amount of money for a software nobody seems to fix…


Support usually is quite on top of things and will often go the extra mile even on hard cases. After all, most of us store huge chunks of their life inside the OF database.

They may take a little longer than usual at the moment, given the recent launch, but you should nevertheless drop them a friendly e-mail so they can help you until this has been sorted out 👍

Use the contact menu item inside the app or just use omnifocus@omnigroup.com

Sorry for the delayed response! I posted an update on why it’s taking longer than usual for us to respond; we’ll get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

We aren’t aware of any problems which break location reminders in OmniFocus 3, but there are a number of different settings on a device which can affect them, and we have encountered cases where a given customer will hit a problem or bug that others aren’t experiencing.

If you send an email and mention this thread, I’ll be happy to take a look. Sorry again for the trouble!

Thank you for your response, Brian. May I suggest we carry on in this thread rather than via email to let everyone benefit from the solution or workaround?


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Actually I managed to get it to work! I simply removed all the locations, turned the notifications in the settings off, and then I set the locations and notifications on again. Now it works. Unfortunately, the locations are not that accurate even with the smallest radius, so sometimes they don’t fire up when expected - I am assuming that sometimes, OF doesn’t notice I left “Home” since I was still ~ half a mile away and then when coming back it doesn’t fire the notification. So keep that in mind too.

I’m happy to do that kind of thing when there’s time available, but right now you’re going to get the fastest resolution via email. The forums are a place we visit as we have time available after the completion of our other duties; the email queues and phone support are going to take up essentially all of our time for the next couple of weeks. Apologies.

Update: After readding all tags and locations I receive notifications, unfortunately only sometimes and even the smallest radius is too large.


/Edit: Even though I personally think that efficiency might help solve the workload problem I wrote an email and will keep you updated.

Yeah, exactly my case too. I wish it worked better, but I know there are some limits due to the iOS API limiting the precision of locations for third party devs.

After letting my test reminder run for 2 weeks, at the moment it kinda works. At least there are more successful notifications than unsuccessful ones. There is still some randomness which, unfortunately, keeps me from using it on anything other than tests.

Unfortunately, I haven’t received any answer to my support mail (yet) even though I used the alleged fast method.


Patrick - Sorry for the delay; your email mentioned the thread, but another person here was handling the triage process. I should have instructed you to mention me by name, which would have caused it to be triaged differently.

I have the ticket now and will respond in the next 24h.