Location Contexts - How I Use Them

I thought I’d share an idea on using location-based contexts. What’s the key ingredient? Deferring the actions.

I love location-based contexts that track my proximity around certain areas. However, I run into a couple problems.

(1) I think of a reminder around noon that I want to take care of when I leave work or arrive home.
(2) I want to preserve the battery, so I don’t want my phone to track me from noon until I leave work or arrive home.

After setting up your location-based contexts with OF2 for iOS, you can apply actions to them with OF for Mac even though you can’t see the location data. iOS will still trigger the location reminders.

So if you get an idea around noon, enter the action then defer it until around the time you would normally leave, and it will only track you from the deferred time. Keep in mind you have to sync your devices, or you have to be using them frequently, so iOS 7 will sync it for you in the background. I’m still learning the timing with iOS 7’s background sync.

Here is an example of my location contexts since you can’t see them in the screenshot.

----Arriving (Location set to the smallest range)
----Leaving (Location set to the smallest range)
----Arriving (Location set to the smallest range)
----Leaving (Location set to the smallest range)

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