Location notification for wrong location

I have contexts for when I arrive at home and when I arrive at work with the correct gps locations for each context but I’m getting notifications for my work context when I arrive at home. Any ideas on how to fix/troubleshoot this?

Did you check to make sure the notifications are for when you arrive vs when you leave? And depending on the distance between the two: have you tried changing the circle size?

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Thanks for the reply. Yes they’re for when I arrive. And my work context triggered while I was running errands and heading back home. I’ve entered my work address multiple times using the “search” button. But after entering my work address using the “address” button, it seems to be fixed. I wonder if there’s an issue using “search” for grabbing a location, and it defaulting to a location I had previously saved, which is my home location. But anyway it all seems to be working fine now.