Location notifications for nested Tags with multiple locations

How do you guys handle notifications for multiple possible locations?
Is there any way to get a reminder whenever I reach the location of any child-Tag within a nested Tag?

For example:
When keeping track of my errands, I use Tags and location based notifications to show me what I need to buy when I arrive at a specific store. However, for some items there are multiple possible locations (stores), for others there is only one.
For example, my Tags might look something like this:

  • Groceries
    • Store A
    • Store B
    • Store C
    • Store D
    • Store E
  • Electronics
    • Store U
    • Store V
  • Clothes
    • Store X
    • Store Z

For each of the individual sores I have set up a location.
Now, let’s say I want to buy milk and apples, which I can get at any grocery store. However, it is annoyingly tedious to always add each individual store Tag to such items. I would like to just add the Groceries Tag and get reminded whenever I reach the location of any child Tag.

Alternatively, I could apply all the child Tags for the individual stores to my errands project. This way, all new Actions would get tagged with all the grocery stores automatically. But what about the clothes I add to my errands list? They need a different set of stores. Ok, let’s create three separate projects for the different types of errands then. But what about my favourite coffee which I can only buy in Store C and this shirt I want to buy specifically at Store Z? They would be tagged with all the stores as well and removing all the wrong ones is equally tedious.

So, for apples and milk I would like to add the parent Tag (Groceries) and get a reminder at any of the stores. For coffee I would just add the tag for Store C. And all of those actions would reside in the same single project for errands.

Is there any way I could do this? How do you approach this kind of problem?

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Is there a reason you don’t use search instead of address for the location? For example, instead of having 123 Main St. for the address of Groceries\Store A, just use “Grocery Store” as the search parameter for the parent tag and it will spring a notification any time you’re in proximity to a grocery store (provided you have active tasks tagged as such).

I don’t know what kind of area you live in, but where I am now, this works great for me. Where I grew up (and lived until a couple years ago) was a very large city and this approach would have driven me mad with extraneous notifications.

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