Location tags for multiple locations

Continuing the discussion from Location notifications for nested Tags with multiple locations:

There are particular places where I regularly shop, and I’d like a quick way to get notified for any of them:

E.g. for ‘milk’ any one of half a dozen stores would do.

For example, my Tags might look something like this:

  • Groceries
    • Store A
    • Store B
    • Store C
    • Store D
    • Store E
  • Electronics
    • Store U
    • Store V
  • Clothes
    • Store X
    • Store Z

It is tedious to say ‘Store A’, ‘Store B’, ‘Store C’ ‘Store D’, ‘Store E’ - I’d just like to be able to optionally say ‘parent tag implies any subtag location’.

I feel like I am missing something…

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