Login keychain password

I confess, I’m baffled. I had some issues with iCloud last night, and every one of my calendars was duplicated. I managed to remove the duplicates, but I can’t be certain I didn’t remove the wrong one in the case of the Omnifocus calendar. Now I’m seeing a message that says:

"Omnifocus wants to use your confidential information stored in “CalendarApps Access Group” in your keychain.
To allow this, enter the “login” keychain password.

I have NO CLUE what the password is for my login keychain. There’s no record of one in my password safe that I use. If I ever di create one, I can’t remember it. I’m stuck! Is there any way out of this? Maybe I could remove my Omnifocus calendar and then create a new one? I don’t use it at the moment, so it would be OK I think, if that would work.

Thanks for any help you can give!

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Your login keychain on your Mac is your user account. Does that help?

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Thank you, rosemaryjayne! That fixed it. The odd thing is, I could have sworn I thought of that last night and tried my login password at least twice. Either I’ve done something stupid, or for some reason it didn’t work yesterday.

Perhaps we’ll never know, but it looks OK now. Thanks again for your help!

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