Looking for Applescript to create Xmind nodes to Omnifocus tasks

I always use Xmind mind mapping application to plan any complex projects. But use Omnifocus for execution. Looking for Applescript to create Xmind nodes to Omnifocus tasks.

I’m novice to Applescript would love to use if someone has already done similar this.

Any Ninzas, please help.

Unfortunately, xMind is one of the few mind-mapping apps that doesn’t export to OPML, and the developer doesn’t see it as a high priority. OPML is a vital part of the workflow you’re trying to achieve.

Here’s how I do it:

Mind-map in Mind Node 2;  

Export to OPML; 

Open OPML in OmniOutliner and save as OO3 file;

In OmniFocus, use "Import OmniOutliner File" command; 

Look in InBox for imported outline; 

Move imported data to the appropriate location in OmniFocus.

Without OPML export, you’re going to have a lot of work ahead of you to reconstruct the mind-map hierarchy for OmniFocus. I recommend picking up MindNode2 Pro and OmniOutliner Pro.

Good luck.

The latest release notes say that MindNode 2 exports directly to Omnifocus.

To be clear, MindNode2 will export tasks to OmniFocus:

MindNode also integrates with OmniGroup’s OmniFocus on Mac and iOS. Select “Export to OmniFocus” from the OS X or iOS share menu and MindNode will export all your tasks to OmniFocus’ Inbox.

Is there an update to this thread? I’d also use X-Mind as a brainstorming tool and would love to import ‘storms’ or branches into OmniFocus. FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m not very technically enabled (e.g. hi’ve barely touched AppleScript, but I’m highly motivated!).

It looks as if X-Mind now exports OPML. I’m not sure if that’s needed for an intermediary step from OmniOutliner to then import into OmniFocus, but since I don’t own Outliner I’d prefer to have a direct import.

Thanks in advance.