Looking for Examples of OmniOutliner Applescripts


I’m starting out with Applescript, and I use OmniOutliner frequently. Is someone willing to share examples of their scripts, or tell me where there might be a repository of such examples?


I’m also looking for some exemples :)

I just released a couple which store your open browser tabs to OO4:

Think I also have a couple which I’ve never published. I’ll dig through the archives and, if I find them and I’m able to put them online, I’ll circle back here and share the link!

I’m surprised that no-one has mentioned the “OmniOutliner Useful Scripts” bundle…


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Whoa, @John_H ! How did I miss those? Granted, a lot of them have become features of the application now, but there are some neat ideas and good coding to learn from.

OP, here’s an example that turns an OO4 document into a basic Keynote presentation. And here are three more from threads in this very sub-forum.

I am looking for ithoughts file (itmz) to Omnioutliner document,

You’ll need to use OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) as your export from iThoughts HD. David Sparks has an excellent introduction to it here which he updated here for Macworld. That file format is readable by mind-mapping software, OmniOutliner, and OmniFocus. Here’s a site that mentions the process and provides additional links. You’ll need to use the “Send to…app” export function in iThoughts. Although I use MindNode on iOS and OS X to achieve similar results, I am sure the procedure is similar to what it was when introduced.

I was looking for that! Is it visible anywhere on the main pages? Do you know if these work with the latest version OO4?