Looking for OF expert for private 1-on-1 crash course and set-up

Slightly unordinary post, so apologies if this is not allowed.
I’m looking for an OF expert who would be willing to spend 1 or 2 hours with me to set up my OF workflow tailored to my specific needs. Paid.

Some context:
I am a one man band production studio with multiple projects and collaborations on the go. I work across various mediums (video/music/live visuals/digital art) at a commercial level, my data universe spans a bit wider than average and I’m having bottleneck issues that I want OF to help me stay on top of.

I’m a power user nerd who’s already dealing with varied workflows and software and lots of hardware that all require certain levels of management and troubleshooting, so I have little time for things that have steep learning curves. I’ve been doing this for 2 decades now, learning and employing new tools/systems/workflows only to throw them away when they become obsolete - it takes its toll. Also, the more time goes on, the more I seem to be spending all my time building and maintaining the engine of my workflow rather than driving the damn thing and doing actual work.

So while OF has been the beam of light for me to stay on top of things, I just don’t have time to harness it fully and have ended up with endless lists, and I can’t seem to get to the stage of getting it to simply showing me what the 3-4 things I need to do each day. (this is a crude description of where I’m at just FYI).

I’m ultra fast at picking things up once someone can just show me first hand. I cannot work to other people’s tutorials / templates as it’s too time consuming, even if I play them at 200% speed. Generally they only give me half the information and I’m left with more questions.

I thought I could find someone on fiverr but for OF there are only people offering custom plugins. So I figured I should at least reach out in here, in the off chance that it’s allowed!
If not, what other ways could I find such help?

Thanks in advance.

No apologies necessary; this kind of question is welcome here—though I don’t know how prepared any of us are to answer it!

Like paper and pencil, OmniFocus is designed to be a very flexible tool—so there are lots of different ways to use it. Someone being an expert at OmniFocus doesn’t mean that their way of using OmniFocus will align with your own needs, making it hard to recommend someone just on that basis.

I haven’t looked very deeply into the various workflows offered by people who provide OmniFocus coaching, but here are a few services from people who have been working in this space for years:

  • Tim Stringer has been providing OmniFocus coaching, consulting and training to people all over the world since 2010. Here’s a link to his coaching and consulting page over at learnomnifocus.com:
  • Peter Akkies offers training and coaching services on OmniFocus as well as other productivity apps:
  • The David Allen Company is the original source of the Getting Things Done methodology which inspired us to build OmniFocus, and they offer training and consulting services through certified trainers and GTD coaches all over the world. Their focus is more on the process than on the tool, but many of their coaches use OmniFocus themselves and have helped plenty of people figure out how to adapt and build their own systems:

Best of luck to you as you get started with building a workflow tailored to your own needs, and I hope these pointers are helpful!


@kcase - Thanks for the shoutout!

@dterranova – Feel free to contact me through Learn OmniFocus if you have any questions about the private OmniFocus services that I offer.

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