Losing 2 windows upon restart new since 14 Feb update

I normally have 2 omnifocus windows open at a time on my mac. One is in project view with a custom perspective and the other is the built in next actions perspective. I opened, resized and set those windows to be the location, size and perspectives I wants them to be.

What used to happen is if I quit OF then open it again my custom windows appeared as I had them set up. Since the Feb 14 update the behavior has changed.

Now only 1 window is opened when I restart OF and I have to create, resize and set the second window. This is a consistent bug.

I already have the system wide choice to close windows when quitting an app deselected so changing that won’t work.

I’m running 10.13.6

Have you reported this to omni support?
I’ve seen the same so wonder if they responded

Yes I have and I have had no response yet.

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