Loss of format using copy and paste

For years I have been using rectangles and straight lines to create large family tree drawings.

However, I have an existing drawing, which yesterday performed perfectly. Today if I copy and paste a rectangle (with internal text) then the stroke and colour of the rectangle’s line are different. Using Inspectors, the “Fill” option has nothing showing; 'Stroke" function is greyed out I cannot change the line thickness or colour. “Font” is also greyed out.

Also when pasting the rectangle, it is highlighted with red lines - this has not been experienced before - whereas if I click on the original, it is highlighted with a very faint blue and the magnet points shown (all as usual).

Somehow some sort of setting change has occurred. Any suggestion welcome.

What version OS X and Omni Graffle are you using? Can make a big difference. There were some ‘intersting’ features in 7.11.3 and 7.11.4 but .5 seems to be better.

As a quick ‘fix’, sometimes if you select all the items you want Group them, then copy, it works better. Might be worth a try…

Thanks ScoutsHonor for your response.

Software versions are Operating software Catalina 10.15.1;
OmniGraffle 7.12 (198.2.0)
It is not a software issue as I have done the following tests.

I opened a different drawing from another project, let’s call it B, copied and pasted within that drawing, all worked as expected.

I then opened the current drawing called A, copied the whole of drawing A, and then pasted it into the drawing B, saved it, re-opened it, and could then copy and paste individual objects within that drawing B no problem.

I then saved a ‘Test’ version of the misbehaving drawing A, let’s call it C. Then went to B, copied the whole drawing and pasted it into C. Everything was highlighted in red, indicating that the misbehaving actions were still involved from A. So saving A means that the corrupted settings/format were inherent in the document, not passing with the lines and rectangles.

I could get a solution by re-naming drawing B and use this for the current project.

However, there is some sort of setting issue or corruption introduced into my original, so I would like to get to the bottom of what’s happened in case it happens again.

To help my explanation of the problem, I am attaching three screen shots in the one jpeg file (as I’m not allowed more than one attachment)

Screenshot 1 shows the object highlighted, with the Inspectors, showing. So colours; lines, etc are all available, and parameters for the object could be changed.

Screenshot 2 shows what happens when the object is copied and pasted - ie it appears red rather than light blue highlight, and the Inspectors show that some of the functions are greyed out and not available.

Screenshot 3 shows the pasted object when not highlighted, and the line colour and thickness are not the same as the original object, and as seen in Screenshot 2, I cannot change the parameters for colour and line.

Hope that makes sense.

You probably need to contact tech support directly (support@omnigroup.com).

Thanks. I have emailed as you advised.

Please let us know how it goes and what they find out.

From this description, it sounds like you accidentally created an artboard layer. That explains the red selection highlight and the unavailable inspectors. If you open the left sidebar you should see a layer labeled “Artboard layer” with a red background in the preview. Move any objects out of there to a regular layer and then delete it. That should stop all the issues you’re encountering.

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Spot on diagnosis. Many thanks - problem (myself!) now resolved.

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