Lost in repeating due dates fog

Trying to set up due dates for Income vs. payment schedules for repeating income vs payments due dates.

EX: Income 1 is 2nd wed of month, Income 2 is 4th Wed of month Income 3 is 1 day of month UNLESS the first is on weekend or holiday then it will be last day of month.

I am confused about how to set this up.

Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!

Can I ask whether you really want to do this type of scheduled financial planning in OmniFocus versus a dedicated financial app? You approach seems a bit misplaced relative to the strengths and weaknesses of the tools … almost like putting in a screw with a hammer.

In any case, staying in OmniFocus, are you really wanting to have incomes listed as tasks to do on a certain date? They do not seem to be “tasks to do” as opposed to “events to confirm”. An alternative in this regard is to defer them until a certain date and put a flag on them. I use this structure to pay my cell phone bill on automatic withdrawal …

Cell Phone Bill (sequential action group, flagged, repeat monthly)

  • get cell phone bill (deferred until mid-month after bill should arrive but before it is due, flagged)
  • confirm payment of cell phone bill (deferred until just after payment should be sent but just it is really due)

Finally, with regard to your specific example question …

I cannot honestly think of how to handle this convolution in OmniFocus using due or defer dates, and I am going to suggest that it is not even possible AFAIK.