Lots of Crashes

I’m getting lots of crashes on Yosemite. I’m using 6.1.1 (v159.2)

I’ve sent lots of email crash reports but haven’t heard anything back yet.

In the email that I send I see:

Exception type: BAD_ACCESS(GPFLT, address 0x00000000)

Most of the time it happens on save but not always.

The only thing that seems common is that it happens later on in the day.

I’ve tried deleting preferences.

Any ideas? Should I go for a re-install?


Sorry to hear it! As the autoresponder mentions, we don’t generally reply to individual crash reports. If you could however email us at support@omnigroup.com and include the OG# of your crash, and pass along any additional information about what seems to be triggering the crash, we’d be happy to look into this with you.

Thank you!

OK - I’ve just emailed. I’ve also tried a re-install now but no luck so I’m using an old version instead.

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Apologies for the confusion here, but @aaron’s post is correct and has been for the entirety of the time period you’re citing in your post. We appreciate the crash reports that we get, and the process that analyzes them and the information they contain is very helpful in finding and fixing problems in our apps.

That process is largely automated, however, and we don’t generally respond to crash report emails except in cases where the customer asks a question, solicits a response, or if there are specific follow-up questions that will help us track down the crash.

We measure the crashiness of our products by the number of hours a customer can expect to run them (on average) before experiencing a crash. Right now, it is a fair and valid criticism to say that number is lower for OmniGraffle than we want it to be. We’ve got some fixes in the pipeline that we’ll release as soon as we can get them ready.

One thing that has changed, though, is our approach to forums: when we set up Discourse, we consciously set a higher bar for participation than we had on our old ones. Valid concerns can still be raised in a way that doesn’t meet those standards; that’s the case here. (Specifically, the “Disagree Agreeably” portion of those standards.)

For that reason, your post has been flagged. If you make a good-faith effort to edit the post and bring it into alignment with the standards I linked to, your post will automatically become visible again.

In a nutshell: crash fixes are on the way, and we’re sorry they’re necessary. What you’re saying in your post is valid. How you’re choosing to post your concerns is problematic. Thanks for correcting that.

Edit: used “unless” twice in the same sentence. Fixed.

Deleted, per OG new standards.

Sorry if my post didn’t meet standards. I hope it wasn’t taken in the wrong way. Although the crashes have cost me time I don’t think I said anything out of turn. I don’t think there was anything in it that went against anything in the section of the FAQs you mention.

I was hoping that by raising it in the forum someone might be having the same problem who could help or perhaps someone else might like to watch the topic if they were also in the same position. If you want to keep crashes separate to the forums then I understand.

As long as the fixes are on the way I’m happy and it looks like I can use the previous version until then (have 10 days left of the trial period). Any guess as to when? E.g. A few days? Weeks etc?