Mac and iOS calendars with OF, Describe please?

I purchased OF after reading reviews. Apparently too many reviews because I thought the iOS version would use the same license. Grr. So I’m digg’n OF on Mac and all I can test on iOS is view only. I’m not dropping another $50 unless I’m sure what I’ll get.

Reading MANY OF threads about calendar sync issues with OF3, I do see Mac Calendars in the Mac app. I don’t use Mac Cal, but Goog Cal and Outlook cal. Will the iOS version allow me to select Goog/Outlook calendars for syncing? and if so, will that also show on my Mac once synced by iOS?

I’m fairly mobile in the job and use iPhone to Siri me some appointments and calendering , to be used later on Mac. Advantages of using paid OF on iOS in support of Mac version?

Lastly, is there an IFTTT thread somewhere that solves some of the OF3 calendar entries on the go? or any popular IFTTT recipes to make my ADD mind more productive?

Thanks in advance from an old OF newbie.

I have google, hotmail & apple calendars all appearing on iPhone and mac. You have the option to hide/show these, or any combination of calendars on both iPhone and mac.
I think the debate on calendars has centred round the changes Omni made to the UI appearance of calendars. We used to have a Gaant style of calendar UI, but this has been changed to an interleaved model combining calendar events with your tasks.
I didn’t like it at first, but now I love it.

revstu, Thanks! So, getting full version of OF for iPhone will allow me to pull in any calendar from my Cal Preferences, and those synced-calendars on iOS will show up on Mac version of OF? Thanks for confirmation.

It looks like this. A pretty quiet day I have to say! Your calendar(s) is/are interleaved into the UI along with your tasks. My example just shows a few sample calendar events. I have start work and finish work to keep my tasks in some degree of achievability!
When you tap on the calendar item it opens up the actual calendar event in Cal app!

Awesome! Thanks for the extra info.

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OmniFocus 3 allows appearing Google, Apple, all other calendars on your iPhone and Mac. There is an option to use your required one and hide others.
You can also use any two or more calendar simultaneously.
You can buy OF without any hesitation, I’ve used it for a year and I’m quite happy with it. I didn’t face any critical or major issue until now.
Yes! in beginning I’ve facing issue with connecting my Hotmail with Outlook, so if you face that, you can read this decent article How to Do Hotmail Server Settings


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