Mac client: valid inputs for the date field

Hello, I’ve stumbled on various valid inputs for in the main “due” field in inbox, projects, etc and was wondering if the full list of valid inputs is published somewhere? For instance, “+14 days” is valid but “in two weeks” isn’t.

And is there a secret guide to hidden or little known shortcuts elsewhere? (e.g. “e” for editing task name)

Thank you.

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From the secret guide:

Scroll down to Supported Date Formats. Looks like it doesn’t like you writing out “in” or “two”. But +2w or even 2w seem to work. So does +2weeks.

For editing a task name, see under Preferences > General. You can choose either escape or or tab to begin editing. Command-return also works.

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Wow – there is documentation for the supported date formats in Omnifocus 3! I haven’t seen that since Omnifocus 1.

There are also some single-key letter shortcuts available for moving and editing tasks (still not documented since OF1 as far as I know). I listed them in an old post:
Keyboard shortcuts for moving and editing tasks


Thank you – very helpful and not so hidden after all.

Hello everyone. I have had the same issue, thanks for the useful information.

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