Mac-iOS-Watch OS slow sync


Some time ago I abandoned this program and I replaced it with things.
long ago I got tired of some deficiencies that Omnifocus had, but again, I want to try it again (because I had it bought).
One of the things I saw, was to synchronize it.
If I create a task in Omnifocus Mac, in the Apple Watch does not synchronize until I open the iOS application, this is very cumbersome, spend 2 minutes and still Apple Watch does not synchronize tasks.
I need to go into Omnifocus iOS then it syncs and then later, it appears on Apple Watch, is this normal?
With “Things” I create task in Things Mac and in less than 10 seconds it already appears in apple watch (and I do not have to open Things in iOS), this is automatic.

Can I be doing something wrong or is Omnifocus problem?


Greetings friends!

Guys, I need help, I think that problem it´s that iOS don’t syncs in second plain :(

Hard to know if this is an iOS issue or an Omnifocus one. It seems to me the app proper doesn’t get to do anything until you formally open it - which might well be an iO issue.

A companion complaint has been raised about the new Siri function.