Mac + iPad Sync Tips?

Hi all!

I’m transitioning to using OmniOutliner for my day to day tasks, including note-taking and light organization. One of the draws was the ability to sync between my Mac and iPad – I usually have both with me, and will switch between them based on the context. For example, I’ll choose to take the iPad (with a keyboard) to meetings.

I’ve been doing this for just over a week now and am happy with most of it, but I’ve noticed that syncing OmniOutliner documents between my iPad and mac will create the conflict files more often that I was hoping or expecting. I know syncing is hard, so I can understand it’s going to happen, but I was hoping to get any tips or tricks that I can use (or avoid) that might decrease how often it happens.

One specific example – I use one outline for “daily notes”. I have a heading for each day, then add various notes throughout the day on subsequent subheadings. This will create at least one conflict a day in my experience, even though I try to sync the documents before and after use, etc…

By the way, I’m also using OmniFocus across three devices (iPhone) and while in the distant past I have seen some conflicts, since I’m not using it too much for note-taking within tasks, I haven’t come across any conflicts recently.