Mac: Is there a way to make an Inbox action a project *and* file it in project hierarchy?

As I’m working through my Inbox items, there is an item that I need to turn into a project, and file it in the right folder in my projects hierarchy.

I realize I can drag and drop to do this, but would like to do it via the keyboard if possible.

I know there is the Command-! shortcut to make an action into a project, but is there away to choose where that new project appears?

On iOS, when you promote an action to a project, there is a choice of where it will end up.



If I understand correctly, I believe you can type the folder structure and indicate a new level with a colon. For the following project hierarchy:


If I’m in my inbox trying to create a new project inside the folder “The Good Life,” I can type “Simmering : The Good Life : New Project Name” and it will create it. For example:

Creates the following project/folder hierarchy:

Hrmmm… I just realized that creating a task within a new project instead of turning the task itself into a project may not be what you’re after. Ah well, I’ll post anyway since I created all those screen shots!

@Beck Yes, as you’ve noted what you describe is not what I’m trying to do, but I appreciate your response. I’m not sure I realized you could do what you describe in your reply.

I’m trying to turn a task into a project and file it in a particular folder in my projects hierarchy using the keyboard.

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