Mac Newbie question: Can I move Omnifocus to another folder?

I am new to this whole world of Mac and not sure what I can and can not do…

Can I move Omnifocus 2 to another folder within the applications folder just by moving the app?
Will it work and will it still be able to access for example the omnifocus archive?

(I had Omnifocus 1 installed directly in the applications folder and installed test versions of OF2 in a separate folder. Now I’d like to remove OF1 and have OF2 where OF1 used to be…)

Thanks in advance :)


You’re welcome to move the OmniFocus app wherever you like in your Applications folder – OmniFocus keeps all of your data in a separate folder elsewhere on your Mac, so this shouldn’t pose any problems. Just be sure to quit OmniFocus before you do the move, and relaunch it from the new location afterwards.