MacOS Shortcuts question

Anyone know, maybe those with the Monterey beta installed, whether the same Shortcut would work on iOS and Mac that calls upon OmniFocus?

I have several shortcuts I use on iOS that interact with my OF database and generate tasks for it. Will Monterey run those as-is?

my experience until now: for all shortcuts calling apps on MacOS I had to do an “if” statement based on device type:

If this is a mac run this (OF for Mac), if it’s an iOS device run that (OF for iOS)

I hope they fix this sometime, but it works for me at the moment.

So to answer your question: No, it probably will not run as-is

Makes good sense. Could even set that as a variable at the start of the shortcut.

Most of mine now start that way: check device type and set a variable.
Even if I don’t need it I now start all shortcuts by duplicating a template that contains that bit.

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