Mail clipping in OF2 - Error Message

I upgraded to the full version of OF2 (app store version) from the beta today.

Clip-o-tron was working just fine in the beta

Now when I clip I get the following error in OF2:

Error compiling handler script for <ScriptHandler:0x60000010ea90 com.omnigroup.OmniFocus.ScriptHandler.Mail NSBundle </Applications/OmniFocus.localized/> (not yet loaded)>: Can’t get note of MyTask. Access not allowed.

I noticed when I defeat the error, the quick-entry box fills up, but leaves the task title empty.

Any idea how to fix this?

Are you using the Pro upgrade to OmniFocus 2? You can check in the About OmniFocus panel – you’ll see a message in the lower right that says “OmniFocus Pro Upgrade is installed” if so.

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I have the same problem. Omnifocus 2 Pro from Appstore.
And missing there “Original message” link. :(

I thought I did, and I paid for the $40 version (pro) but my about panel does not say that Pro has been installed. What can I do to fix that as well?

The Pro upgrade for the App Store edition of OmniFocus 2 is available as an In-App Purchase. To get it (and get your upgrade discount, if you had an eligible version of OmniFocus 1), take a look at the OmniFocus 2 Upgrades page – it will tell you how to go about purchasing or upgrading to Pro.

As for the “Original message” link, @Moren, you might be interested in this thread.


I was able to use in-app purchases to buy the pro upgrade, so now I have spent $80 on this (thought it was only $40 for the pro).

After restarting both programs, the error has gone away. Now who do I speak to about having to pay 2x?

I’m sorry about the confusion here! As shown on the product page, OmniFocus 2 Pro is listed at $80. If you want to double-check your discount status (in the case that, for example, you purchased OmniFocus 1 from us in the last year or so, or purchased OmniFocus 1 from the Mac App Store), you can send our sales representatives an email.

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