Mail drop tagging


Does anyone know if it is possible to tag an action with tags based on certain keywords or symbols in the subject or in the body of the e-mail message? I tried to use # in front of a tag i have, but it was not recognised as such by the system.

I would also like to have a feature where tags are assigned based on which mail drop address was used - so you can tag actions by sending to different e-mail addresses. For example, different IFTTTs could send to different addresses to have actions tagged automatically.

I’m new to the forum, but have been using OmniFocus since version 1. Now using version 3 for Mac and iOS.



Mail Drop doesn’t currently support additional info/parameters. I seem to recall some talk a long while back that Omni might consider adding this if they could ever get it high enough up the priority list

Agreed, I would definitely love this feature. Even something as simple as autotag it as like “Review” so it stands out from the rest of the items in the Inbox.

I think the best way to make this happen is to e-mail support so the feedback is recorded and they can see to what scale this feature is wanted.

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