Mail Drop To Inbox quit working

This was working and all of a sudden quit. I did searches here and on the web and cannot find answers.

The ones from 11 hours ago seen in the photo attachment did not make it over to Omnifocus.

I am using Omnifocus 4 beta on the iPhone and due to an older Mac, Omnifocus 3 on the Mac.

I can get them there via sharing without a problem, but prefer Mail Drop.

Any insight would be great.

A few quick questions questions.

  • is this happening when you try it from multiple devices? Ie email from your phone and from the Mac?

  • did you verify that the email really sent on the device?

  • did you verify that the mail drop address didn’t change for some reason?

I have yet to try again since the failures… Will have to try again.

I believe I found the problem. The one Mail app I use seems to take forever to take to the servers. It comes in but, very, very late. I switched back to the one I was using previously and all went through as expected.

Sorry for the inconvenience.