Mail in note does not return to the email

All the tasks were working fine.
Now when I tap on the link it goes to the last email I had opened.

This is happening even with old tasks hat I know worked perfectly.

I am now predominantly using an iPad where I drag the message across. I test the links and always work fine.

I then and a few returns t9 move the cursor lower then I paste the text of the message. Still ok.

Now all of a sudden it is not working.

I uninstalled OF and reinstalled still a problem.

Any suggestions

This is normal in IOS if you haven’t cached the mail in Apple Mail before.
It happens to me all the time. Your need to go to your mail app and refresh the folder where the mail is in. Also you need to make sure under the mail preferences that all mails are loaded not only the last month.

Once I can see the mail in Apple Mail the links are working from OF.

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