Maildrop Syntax


+1 also adding to


Another +1, this feature would be a very welcome addition to OmniFocus


Could you all simply follow Gmail’s lead and parse the recipient? For you could append and have it direct to a project?


That complicates whatever you have for a Contacts list. You’d need one entry for each project. And anything beyond that - like dates - becomes unmanageable.

Something like Taskpaper format in the body of the email, or a single task in that format in the title, would be more manageable.

Remember The Milk, which I migrated from, uses a line with — to mark the end of the list. That’s the only deviation from Taskpaper I’d suggest. (It does it, by the way, so your email signature or corporate disclaimer boilerplate doesn’t become part of the tasks.)


+1 badly needed workflow…


Simply processing the subject of the email with the Taskpaper syntax that already exists for automation would be incredibly useful. I’m surprised I can’t have @flagged or @due(tomorrow) in the subject name and have that parsed by Mail Drop.

Honestly I’m surprised that OF doesn’t use the Taskpaper syntax literally everywhere to give us something similar to natural language processing, but I digress.


I actually had assumed this would be the case and tried it today, was disappointed that it didn’t work that way.


It is very disappointed that OF don’t have this feature! It stop me creating automation using mail…


This is definitely much needed! The ability to already tag items directly into maildrop would be absolutely huge. What’s stopping OF from implementing this?