Maildrop Syntax

Are there any special syntax commands that can be added to either the subject or body of an email sent to my maildrop address to allow it to put the item in a specific project, task, or folder? I thought there used to be a whole list of actions you could perform but may be confusing this with another product.



MailDrop currently just creates a new item in your inbox.
There is an AppleScript you can set up as a Mail rule that has more intelligent parsing, but we’re no longer including it as part of OmniFocus. You can read more about it here:

Thanks. I will look over that. I assume this method would work best if I had an OS X machine on all the time that had both the mail app and omnifocus open at all times?

Here is what I am trying to do. I may just be overcomplicating things. I work for three different companies. Each company has a folder in OmniSync with their own inbox, projects, etc. I was trying to set up something so that if I forwarded a message to my mail drop and it had something in the subject like #Company1 it would be added to Company 1’s inbox, and the same for all my other tasks. I get a lot of email throughout the day and this would make it easy for me to focus on one company at a time. Is there an easier way to do what I am trying to accomplish?

Are there any plans on introducing intelligent parsing for maildrop? Not sure why omnifocus is behind the 8-ball on this feature as other task management apps have supported this for quite a while (


This is still a feature request in our development database. We prioritize those features, in part, by customer feedback. So thanks for letting us know this is important to you.

Any progress on this feature? Definitely need to be able to have mail drop parse commands. It’s true- other task management software has plenty of capability in this area. I would be great to have this. If I send a message to mail drop and put @waiting_for in the body or title, the system should be able to “drop” this into my waiting_for context or project.

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Lizard, is there a site where we can submit our votes to prioritize development features?

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@scotteeboy We read conversations here as we have time, but the best way to let us know what features would be valuable to you is to email

I have also wanted this feature on and off for all the years I used OmniFocus.

Most recently, I want to be able to create flagged tasks in OmniFocus from my PC at work with mail drop so they will show up on my “today” view and I won’t miss them.

Let’s say I think of something important I have to do on the way home while sitting at my work PC. I can’t just use maildrop to add it to my “today” list.

I just sent an email to and voted. Others, please do the same.


Just wanted to post a +1
Implementing a bit of syntax on maildrop would significantly improved the flow, it’s important to me.


+1. Quickly adding something to a given context or project via text entry would be extremely helpful.


I don’t think there’s been any movement on this feature. I love OF but damn Omnigroup is way behind on a lot of cloud related features because they HAVE NO CLOUD access. Wunderlist, Todoist, etc. etc. can all handle this sort of thing. If there isn’t going to be a cloud service for OF, then at least provide features that integrate better into cloud based services i.e. IFTTT or more features in maildrop that allow power users to do more automation like your competitors. Thanks.

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would be cool to allow my partner to set a due date when she maildrops me a task.


Would very much appreciate!

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FWIW: I really wanted this feature so I wrote an AppleScript that does this. It allows you to create this custom string and then parse it. You can get the script here:

There’s an article on my site that explains the syntax to use:


I think this feature is essential. For the first step, I could live with it if I could specify a Project (in the Project:Subproject:SubSubProject syntax) for different mail drop addresses. That would not need any specific parsing, imho (other than looking if the project exists and if not dropping it into the inbox.

I would not need parsing of the subject or anything more than that, to be honest (for the first step). In a second step a default due date (+7 days, +1month), for example would be nice.

Alternatively something like would be useful. Right now I send my mails (BCC) to and to omnisync and try to work through everything manually which is not what I have omnifocus for.

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This is really annoying it stopped me from automating some of my workflow making the app less valuable compared to other interesting alternatives. Slowly but surely omnifocus lack of innovation and developments makes it become one of the alternative not the reference.
They must have disabled it I remember that you could do something like this:
—task description @context #today //notes



I’ve added my +1 at


+1 also adding to


Would the task paper format not be a good way of making a mail drop parsing possible?