MailTags can't import OF projects

I use MailTags with Apple Mail to help keep things under control. Intermittently (for occasional big projects that involve lots of email), I link relevant Mail messages to OF projects by using Mailtags’ ability to import the OF active project list. Somewhere in the last few months, that capability quit working. MailTags displays an old OF project list (from 5 or 6 months ago) and doesn’t update in response to the deletion or creation of OF projects.
Has anyone else using MailTags noticed this? Does anyone know with more precision when it quit working? I’ve involved MailTags’ authors (SmallCubed) in the problem as well.

It has not stopped working. I use it all the time! In fact I just tested a second ago with a few new projects I created today and it shows up in Mail Tags just fine.

I think this might be something with your system and you should trouble shoot with SmallCubed on this, they are very responsive also and have always worked with me over the last 5 years to solve my problems as they occur.

SmallCubed did have an internal build ready to go that fixed the problem. It does appear to be some but not all combinations of system, OF and MT software.

I am also not seeing SmallCubed MailTags not showing up in OF3 tags under Mojave. Has anybody seen this, and if so, any workarounds / fixes?

Me too. My project list is quite long, but I can’t make it show a project I added today.

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