Make new project visible after duplicating it

I have an automation script that duplicates a template project into another folder, gives it a new name, and makes it active.

When this is finished, I would like that new project to be selected and visible in the OmniFocus window.

The Duplicate Selected Projects to New Folder plug-in I found on creates and opens a folder URL at the end of the script:

var folderID =
URL.fromString("omnifocus:///folder/" + folderID).open()

I tried doing this with ‘project’ instead of ‘folder’ and the new project ID, but received an error that there were too few components in the URL.

Is there a way to do this for projects?

FWIW, quoting OmniFocus twitter account.

The URL scheme for projects and actions is the same. Both use: omnifocus:///task/<id_string>

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Thank you - that’s exactly what I needed!

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