Making annotations or notes in a sitemap

Hi Everyone,

I am making a sitemap and I have auto-flow on so that I can make my sitemap easily and automatically by just typing in the headings and have omnigraffle create the sitemap for me.

BUT If I add a layer and write up some accompanying notes… the notes somehow become part of the sitemap and they flow into the sitemap which looks horrible obviously. I can imagine it is a simple fix since it doesn’t make a lot of sense to include notes in the sitemap so can anyone else me with this please.

I have included an image to explain.

The first image is what happens with auto-flow of the sitemap. lol.

The second image is what I would like.

Thank you.

Have you tried adding your annotation to a shared layer? Shared layers aren’t impacted by auto layout, so this would exempt the contents of that layer from being arranged as you continue adding contents to the canvas.

Alternatively, you might try first laying out the entire sitemap using auto layout. Then, turn auto layout off and begin adding notes to the notes layer. If you need to add more to the sitemap, lock the notes layer before turning auto layout back on.

I hope this helps!

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Hi A a ron,

Thanks for answering.
Yes I tried both of those.

The shared layer works. I originally thought that it doesn’t make sense to add a shared layer to a canvas if you are not going to share the layer with other canvas’ but then realise that this solves the problem in a hackie sort of way but none the less.

The second idea also works but is much too much trouble to do and involves a perfect world scenario which we all know does not exist.

So thank you I will go with option number one until Omni Group realise this bug.

Thanks again.