Manage Someday/Maybe actions with the help of Keyboard Maestro?

I’ve been thinking about how to manage my Someday/Maybe actions recently, tried a few options and am not really happy with either of them:

Option 1: Create one Someday/Maybe single action list for each of my areas of responsibility and put all the Someday/Maybe actions there.
(PRO) Having those actions on a separate single action list makes it easy to review them at a desired interval – these intervals can only be set for projects in OF.
(CON) Instead of working with exact dates, I often use tags for scheduling (today, this week, next week, soon). When reviewing projects, I often decide to untag “soon”-items and put them on the Someday/Maybe-list, because they have lost priority over time. I would like this process to be as smooth as possible, but with this solution I have to: (1) Go to an entry point for tags, (2) Delete “soon”-tag, (3) Go to an entry point for projects (4) Type in / choose the right Someday/Maybe list. This doesn’t feel smooth.

Option 2: Introduce a “someday/maybe” tag in addition to my other scheduling tags and sort the actions into the same projects used for all other actions.
(PRO) Making a “someday” action out of a “soon” action is much smoother – I can delete the “soon” tag and assign the “someday” tag in the same place.
(CON) The Someday/Maybe-actions have to be reviewed together with all other actions in a project (usually single action list), although I’d like to review them less often.
(CON) The someday-actions clutter my single-action lists/projects. I could put the tags on hold, which makes them not displayed in the projects view, but then I’d always have to change the settings of the Projects perspective if I want to see them.

To get the best of both options, the following seems attractive to me at the moment:
A someday/maybe action should be in one of the Someday(Maybe folders described in option one (which helps with the review intervals), but also have the tag from option 2, which helps with “rescheduling”. When I change the tag from “soon” to “someday”, I’d like the action to be moved automatically to the right Someday/Maybe list (otherwise the problem with option 1 wouldn’t be solved). Also, if I drag and drop a task from a project to the Someday/Maybe list, the scheduling tag should be automatically changed to “someday”. Is there a way these two steps (or at least the first one) can be done with AppleScripts/Keyboard Maestro? Has anyone maybe done something similar already?

Or does anyone have other suggestions for me that I haven’t thought of yet when it comes to managing Someday/Maybe items?

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I have a folder “someday/may be” where are:

  1. Projects with 2+ actions
  2. Project with name “Single Actions”, where are a lot of things I want to do some day in future.
    It works for me.

With a Review I looks through all the Single List and I can prioritize anything I want with a due or making a projects of this action.

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