Managing coupons, gift cards and vouchers?

Hello all,

I’m new to GTD and Omnifocus. I’ve searched the forum trying to find out how people manage their coupons and gift cards on Omnifocus.

Situation: I’ve received a number of gift cards and vouchers from friends and family for birthdays, Christmas etc over the years and have always forgotten to use them or completely forgotten I’ve got them in the first place.

I’m not sure what’s the best way to use Omnifocus for this since it’s not really a “project”. Would love to hear how others have managed this.

Thanks for any tips and insight.


Hi Trish!

I let the digital one live in Evernote and the physical in a tickler-file. When I plan my coming week and do the weekly review, I just move the physical one to my tickler file the day I plan to go to a certain store or the digital as a task with the voucher-informationen in it with an errand-context that day I´m suppose to use it.

Also if you´re afraid that you would forget about these vouchers/cards so they get out of date, just add a repeated task in OF to go through your vouchers/gift cards as often as you need to.

Good luck!
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The Evernote idea is good for this job - especially with reminders.

I’d scan the vouchers etc. into an Evernote note, and then set a reminder - maybe for a month or so before they expire. If it’s a really an issue - also put a repeating task in OF to remind you to glance over the vouchers you’ve got in Evernote.


Thanks for that! Really appreciate it. I’ve started using Evernote to capture the digital version of the cards. When you’ve used the cards, do you remove them from Evernote? Or just indicate that they’ve been used?

I use a combination of OF for management and EV for storage of any notes, files and receipts (other than obvious big files and photos which are in dropbox).

Linking the two is pretty easy, you could make a repeating task (in OF) to review your Evernote coupons notebook and link to the notebook from the task.

As for what to keep, digital storage may be unlimited, but it has an impact on your head. Delete anything and everything you won’t need, you certainly won’t need a coupon again!

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