Managing Deferred Dates after their Deferred Date

I have been using deferred dates to some success! I like not having a “hard date” for tasks, but setting an arbitrary one works for me.

However, here is my challenge with it.

Say, I had 3 Deferred tasks today. I don’t get to them, life happens and I have higher priority fires to put it out.

Now, tomorrow comes.

I can’t see my deferred tasks from the previous day anymore, The only way is to review them in the project or identify them in my weekly review (I have too many projects to go back and review each one multiple times a week).

Is there a way to view past deferred items in forecast? Or is my only option to create a perspective that shows only deferred items. Thoughts?

Thanks everyone!

There has been some other threads about same subject recently.
I suggest taking a look into this one for example (where you have comments from @tekl from the Omni Staff), or using the search feature in the forum ;-)

Thanks Edi. I did a search and even clicked on the suggestions in the post, but I did not see this one thread :-)

This addresses my Issue and Teki’s response was great… but it doesn’t fix my problem. I posted a potential solution on the thread as a reply. Or, I might have to change my workflow.

Thanks again!

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Try this perspective, I use it to perform my daily review. I use defer dates on all tasks, I use this to ensure any tasks I have either have a start date of today or in the future, This should address your concern of deferred tasks slipping into the past. I illustrated how this perspective highlights the tasks with the defer dates that started prior to today. Hope this helps!!

One more note: Anything in the categories “yesterday”, ‘within the last week’, or ‘within the last month’ I change the defer dates to either today, tomorrow or a date in the future I would like to revisit this task. I guess I use defer dates as a soft date for when I think I will be able to get a task done or when I want to review it. I use to be a Things user so this is how I like to work