Manual Backup Database functionality replaced?

Is the backup database feature replaced by something else in v2?

I don’t understand your question. OmniFocus 2 automatically backs up every 2 hours while it’s running. If you’d like to view one of these backups (or replace your main database with it), choose “Show Backups…” from the File menu.

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OF2 saves the last 100 backups. When you select File > Show Backups, it will open a Finder window for you to see. You can check the Date modified column to see how old each backup is. If you double-click on a backup file, it will open up in a new OmniFocus window for you to see that database. It won’t interfere with your main OmniFocus database.

In OF 1 there was a menu option to backup the database manually. I used it to automate a secure backup to an external drive once a week. As the manual option is gone I’m assuming that I need to change the workflow to locating the automatic backups and copying the latest?


I think File > Export (as OmniFocus document) would provide an equivalent file.

Thank you!

For what it’s worth, it’s not backing up automatically (I just went looking for mine so I could use it to downgrade to OF1). Even with OF2 running all the time for the past several days, the last backup was on June 12th.

@dougl That’s very troubling to here. Could you please email our Support Humans ( with more detail about that? (I’m afraid if you just post it here, we’ll lose track of what could be a very serious bug.)

Did the backup location change between OF1 & OF2?

I have backups in Documents/Backups the last of which is 10th May.

If I use OF2 to Show Backups it goes to … Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/backups which are up to date.

I’ve reverted to OF1, but will send a note.