Manual reorder and Sort setting

When building a custom Perspective, an option is to set the Sort parameter. Is it possible to set Sort to “Manual” or “None”? This would then allow the user to manually reorder Tasks in a particular Perspective?

I think you need to use Tag order in perspective set up;

Thanks. I just tried this. I am able to finger-hold and “pick up” a task. I then drag it around on my list. As I do this, a ghost placeholder shows where the task will land if I were to drop it. However, when I let go to drop the task, the ghost disappears and the task remains where it was.

It feels like it wants to reorder but then it doesn’t.

I hope the comically colorful description is clear. I must be goofing on something?

Sorry, I should specify that I am using Omnifocus on iOS.

No, unfortunatelly that’s not possible as far as I know. The manual reordering is only possible in tags perspective - and, by extension, in forecast perspective for tasks under the “forecast tag”.

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@midas Try this when dragging and dropping: Before letting go to drop the tag in its new spot, drag the task a little bit to the left, so that you’re dropping it not exactly where you want to to stay — just a smidge to the left. This is how I got it to work. I can now manually sort in a custom perspective (using the settings shown by @revstu above) or in a Tags view.

It’s harder than it should be and it’s a slow process. I hope they improve it.