Manual sorting in custom perspectives now works?!

I haven’t seen any information about it, but suddenly it works to sort tasks manually (by dragging) in custom perspectives, not only in the Tags view! At least to me, this makes tags much more useful. Highly appreciated! I’m just surprised that The Omni Group hasn’t mentioned this fix.

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What are your group and sort options? I’ve seen it when grouped by tag and sorted by tag order, but nowhere else.

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Whoa! I didn’t know either, thanks for sharing this, @Jan_H!

I do note that this requires, like @flight16 said, grouping by Tag, and does not work grouping by Tags (Combined).


Yes, that is my settings. That is also what I have missed, and what I was hoping for when the feature was presented – being able to sort tasks when they are grouped by tag, without having to change to Tags view every time.

I tried but several tag groups show up altogether at the same time, it is a burden for eyes. I set up “a today” perspective and only want to see the “today” tag group in the perspective view without other things, it seems that I can not make it.


Same problem for me. While I have used more tags than one and those tags are others than those I have chosen in my filter settings, those tags appear as unwanted groups. It works reasonably well for me to hide the contents of those groups by tapping on their disclosure triangles, but in my opinion those groups should be hidden when I have chosen to filter on other tags.


exactly same problem

This is what I was hoping for when manual sorting was announced, thanks for sharing.

I only hope this is intended and not a bug that will be fixed :)

Be sure to mail in feedback to to request limiting the grouped tags! Or for manual sorting in custom perspectives. Or both!

I also get around this by placing a few tags at the top of the tag list, then collapsing the rest. This gives me a “focus” and “week” list without too much clutter when the either groups appear further down in the list.

Would still love to see manual ordering anywhere. Or limiting the grouped tags.


Hello I am slighty confused, because Manual Sorting in custom Perspectives only works for me, when I select Group and Sort for “Entire Projects”. As soon as I select Group and Sort for “Entire Projects” it does not work.

Manual Sorting Works with this Custom Perspective (Entire Project)


Manual Sorting does not work with this Custom Perspective (Individual Actions)


Or whats also does not work is this: (I dont understand why manual sorting here is not possible)

What onlly works in Custom Perspective (Individual Actions) is:

Do I get it right: Manual sorting in Custom Perspectives in “Individual actions” is ONLY available for “Group Actions: Tag; Sort actions: Tags order”?

I would be happy about the scenarios where manual sorting in a custom perspective will not work.

Try to turn “Sort actions by” to Tag ordered (there are 2 items regarding tag).

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I have the same problem now, as I proceed with my Custom Perspectives in OF. Could you solve it meanwhile?

I came to the same conclusions as you did. You can rearrange the order in perspectives which use either:

  • ‘Group and sort: Entire Projects’ (rearrange the project order)
  • ‘Individual Actions’, ‘Group actions by: Tag’, ‘Sort actions by: Tags Order’ (rearrange the custom order for a specific tag)

This makes sense because reordering in any other presentation settings would be meaningless or could lead to ambiguous results. It’s not possible with Individual Actions grouped by project, because the perspective might not return unbroken branches of projects.

Thank you for reassuring. In my opinion the restrictions in the “Individual Actions” dont make sence and I dont really get it. Thsi results in me often switcting between perspectives from Group and sort and Individual actions.

I like the view from Individual actions bc it can show me all of the tasks of a project without hierarcy and action groups, but sadly I cannot manually reorganize them. So I have to switch back to the other perspective the change the order of the tasks in a project. Then I can see that order in the “Individual Actions” perspective as well.

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Do you know why it does not work with Tags combined? I found this view so useful and I am missing manual sorting in this view. Are there any other options to achieve this? Thank you

I think (but I’m not sure, because I’m not a databasetician) that it has something to do with the difference between looking at database entries (tags) which can be manipulated and a query of database entries (tags combined) that can’t.

Something like that?


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Hi - I think this question falls under this topic…

I’m wanting to achieve a custom perspective which contains a single, ungrouped list of all Projects, which I can then sort manually within that perspective.

Am I missing something obvious?

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