Manual sorting of my days tasks

Hi all,

I currently use Things3 for my task management and am planning to make a move (back) to Omnifocus. I need the ability to look at tasks I need to complete today and manually re-order them as this is how I plan my day.

I can’t manually sort the forecast view in OF and was wondering if there’s another way to achieve this? I’m worried what has become a calming morning ritual for me is simply too far away from the GTD methodology and I’m trying to make O.F. Do something it really doesn’t want to do.

You could do as I described in this post:

Organize tasks inside ”Today” Forecast

If you don’t have the Pro version of Omnifocus, you could read the post after that in the same thread.

Personally I have made my own Forecast perspective, including a list of tasks with a special Forecast tag. That list can be manually re-ordered, and when I drag tasks to that list they will get the tag automatically. That works fine for me.

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