Manual view refresh req. to show date change in Inbox? [A: depends on preferences]

When I defer an item in the default inbox view, it doesn’t disappear out of view until I manually “refresh” by “show view options” then switch from “available” to “remaining” and then back to “available.” only then does the deferred task disappear from the inbox view. Is this a feature, a bug, or do I just not know how to use OF2? :D
Thanks for all the hard work!

The more traditional way to do this is to use the Clean Up button in the toolbar (or the corresponding item on the Organize menu).

By default, OmniFocus does not automatically clean up tasks that no longer match the filter, in case you accidentally changed a task and want to undo your change.

If you would prefer that OmniFocus cleaned up tasks as soon as possible, open Preferences and change the “Clean up changed items” setting to “Immediately.”

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@KyleS is right, when the app is behaving as intended.
There was also a glitch with cleaning up the Inbox recently. If the misbehavior you’re describing is new in the last few days, please make sure to grab a more recent build.
If you’ve got a very recent build and it’s still misbehaving, please specify what your “Clean up changed items” preference is on the Organization tab of Preferences.

Ah. Thank you! The cleanup button does just what I wanted. I knew how it works for all other things but for some reason didn’t think to connect the “defer” feature to that same functionality, but that makes sense. Thank you both for your assistance.