Mapping OmniFocus structures to TaskPaper

the problem of specifying folders in the Taskpaper format
the problem remains for copying OmniFocus structures as Taskpaper lists

Is there a problem ? An OmniFocus folder is a TaskPaper project, and a folder-enclosed OF project is a TaskPaper sub-project.

TaskPaper projects nest, and can have arbitrary depths of sub projects.

Folder A:
    Proj 1:
        - task 1
        - task 2
        - task 3
    Proj 2:
    Proj 3
Folder B:
    Sub Folder:
       Deeper Project:
           - task
               - sub task I
               - sub task II
               - sub task III
           - task
           - task
Folder C:

The most deeply nested TaskPaper projects are OmniFocus projects, and any enclosing TaskPaper projects are OF folders.

How did you do the conversion from your example Taskpaper file to OmniFocus? I tried using the Editorial workflow and what I get are 3 projects (named Folder A, Folder B, and Folder C) with Sub-projects nested into them - but no folders.

The second issue I mentioned is that I cannot find a way that would allow me to select a folder in OmniFocus (e.g. Folder B) and copy it and its underlying structure with the subfolder and the Deeper Project project as a Taskpaper file - there is no share button which is the way I would do it if I wanted to copy a project.

No comment on OmniGroup’s implementation – I haven’t tested the new one, and their last version was buggy.

See, for example:

This one may well be too – I was just commenting on the TaskPaper format.