Mark a task complete w/ NFC shortcut?

With the new NFC automation feature of Shortcuts in iOS 13, is there any way to mark a task complete in OmniFocus using a Shortcut?

I could think of several uses for a NFC tag to do this… for example, a tag I could tap where I keep my meds to indicate that I just took my evening medication. Or a tag near where the garbage and recycling bins live that I could tap to indicate I took them out to the curb for weekly pickup.

For something like “take your meds” it might be equally useful to have the automation bump the task by 1 day. (In fact, with some of my tasks, I prefer to bump the task’s due data - as it leads to less clutter.)

So, in either case the automation would have to be something like:

  1. Get a handle on the task.
  2. Change some aspect of the task. Such as the due date.

Those are the problems to solve. I think Problem 1 is the harder one.

This is not something that is currently possible. We are working on adding our own set of Shortcut intents for OmniFocus. The ability to have a Shortcut complete something in OmniFocus is not something we’ve worked on yet, but we do have a request on file for this. I’ll get you added to that.

If you have any other suggestions for things you’d like to be able to do with OmniFocus via Shortcuts in iOS 13, please email us. While we try to keep an eye on the forums, we can’t guarantee we’ll see everything here, but we do respond to all emails.

Plus one for the ability to complete an OmniFocus task from a Shortcut.

I have a number of shortcuts that end by calling a URL to open the relevant OmniFocus project so I can manually complete the associated task.

It would be great to be able to fully automate this step.

Can you also do “bump due date by a day” etc?

It’s something I often do.

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