Mark completion without affecting the scheduling

Whenever I mark a task as 100% completed & level, I get the resources assigned in parallel to the completed task and to the next task, so that the completed task has no allocated time in the project. Is it possible to have task completion marking not affect the scheduling in this manner? @SupportHumans

I’m sorry, I’m not quite following. Could you walk me through the steps you’re taking (e.g. click < here >, click < there >, etc.), and what’s happening?

If you’d prefer, you could also make a video. This short Apple support article explains how to do that.

Once recording has begun, recreate the problem. When you’re done, upload the video to our secure upload site.

Enter your email address at the uploader prompt, and reply here after the uploader shows you the “Success!” message, and I’ll go retrieve the video and see if I can determine what’s going wrong.

(A video taken from the camera of a handheld device will work too. :-)

Apologies again!

Thanks Anne for answering. I will try to explain my question again.

  • Create a project with 2 tasks and assign the same resource to both tasks
  • auto-level… Now the tasks are ensuing because the same resource is assigned to both
  • mark the 1st task as completed, and the scheduling of the 2nd lines up to the beginning of the 1st
    Can this lining up be avoided? In MS project it typically doesn’t happen.
    I hope that the question is clear!

@ndv It’s hard to say without looking at your file, but my guess is that the “Don’t schedule any task before now (or current editing date)” leveling option might be helpful. If you’re marking tasks complete on the day the day they were actually completed, this should prevent OmniPlan from scheduling another task on the same day. If this doesn’t help, could you upload a screenshot that illustrates the issue, or send a copy of your file to our Support team? Thanks!