"Mark Forum as Read"?

In the other Omni Forums we could simply hit “Mark Forum as Read” and then it would be obvious the next time we entered the forum which posts we hadn’t read.

This new forum confuses me. I often wind up opening threads I’ve read because I can’t mark them as read. Or am I missing something?


I’m still trying to figure out the exact metrics of what discourse considers a visit. There is a “Dismiss New” button in the lower-right when browsing the “New” tab, but not under Latest which is what I think we both want. I think the idea is that they want you following the topics or threads you want to be following, not hovering over everything, but I’m right there with you.

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It did happen? If you had already read some topics and mark it as Tracking, then it will keep showing in your Unread tab when some new posts coming in.

Is the new topic in the Latest such annoying?

This is quite old thread and Discourse evolves quite a lot since then.

Now you can:

  1. In the bottom of any topics, you can mute the notification.
  2. You can mute categories in the settings.
  3. You can Dismiss Posts and Dismiss Topics in the Unread tab.

this is old post…