Mark Project as complete using circles

It seems a strange anomaly that in OF2 for iPhone you have to open the project and mark it as completed to make it disappear. Why not just have a circle so you can tick it.
Having to mark completed creates an ambiguity over whether marking complete in the inspector will create a new project where the project is one which repeats.

I much prefer the behaviour as it is on the iPad.

  1. this saves a few taps
  2. it allows you to confirm that repeating projects have the next instance created.
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I came here to see if anyone else had a grievance with this missing feature. Apparently, I am not alone. It’s annoying to do this extra step each time.

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Not alone, it’s extremely frustrating. Overall, the iPhone app requires too many taps to get the job done. As unbelievably amazing as the Mac app and iPad apps are (and ALL of Omni’s apps), it’s sad that the iPhone app falls so far short.

I tried to mark all sub projects to complete when all actions have been completed on my mac, and even that didn’t seem to solve my problem of having to check off the project/sub-project independent of all of the actions.

I’m hoping Omni has an update up it’s sleeve for iOS 8 that will blow us away

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